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Bye Bye, Adiós, Handshake

by Chris Flores
Bye Bye, Adiós, Handshake

A couple of days ago I read in a renowned online newspaper the proposal of "new" ways to greet acquaintances, of course, when all this (COVID-19 pandemic) ends. And I put "new" in quotes, because they are greetings that have been implemented long ago by different cultures or groups of people. Actually, I am not bothered by this new change on the greeting proposals that we are supposed to implement in the future. That's right, this is what this little Capzule is all about.

Among these greetings we can find different proposals: Namaste, smile and raise your eyebrows (which seemed very strange to me), two claps, hand to the heart, Wakanda Forever (this was not on the newspaper , sorry) and finally my favorite; the greeting Shaka (worldwide recognized for being used by surfers when greeting).Screen%20Shot%202020-04-29%20at%208.27.1

It’s impressive how little we’re aware of the way we recognize the presence of the other when it mani- fests itself in front of us. Shaking hands, giving a little bow or a hug, have for a long time been the classic ways of valuing each other's presence or welcoming them to our home. The new generations today are exposed to global cultures, multicultural families and constant changes in the way we behave. The best we can do is accept this reality and going a little further, accept it with love.

Yesterday was my brother's birthday and when I tried to get together for Zoom call with the family and friends, I realized how today we are exchanging a hug or a handshake for a click and a "Hello, can you hear me?" “Do you see me well? ̈. I don't want to imply that this is negative, what's more, during the call I changed my background 10 times to make the conversation more enjoyable and fun. The fact that it is an almost mandatory new proposal makes it rare and uncomfortable. And this can lead to a ”bad taste in our mouths”, but our feeling towards the other prevails and I am sure that this feeling is coupled with greeting as long as it is done with love.

If we have to change our greeting, then let's do it in the best way. What better than the other to feel welcome in our presence with tons of love. Let's change our idea of “discomfort” as a negative feeling and translate “discomfort” into "new experiences sacrificing what's certain."

Every day, when deciding what to wear, is an opportunity to realize that change identifies us in the short or long term. I know that deep down we have that garment that makes us feel comfortable or that makes others validate our style. Today we have to welcome new ways to say hello, like when you unex- pectedly find a garment that makes you feel unique and go straight to the checkout to pay (or go straight to online checkout without that garment touching your cart lol). And to all this, I dare to give a great virtual Shaka!.


p.s. Happy Birthday bro!


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