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Viviendo en una Cápsula

by Chris Flores
Viviendo en una Cápsula

Am I the only one who has stopped wearing his watch? In the last days of quarantine I have realized that I do not have the need to be aware over time for different things and in one way or another my body has found its own responsibility for what matters in my work, personal life and spiritual life. For example, knowing that it’s important to me to write this blog while listening to a live show by Nicky Romero, a famous DJ I'm a fan of and his music helps me find inspiration and fluency.


This new world, with the presence of COVID-19, has led many of us to create a routine of working at home with which we feel that in some way, we continue to maintain the order of what our daily life was, and others feel comfortable answering emails from their beds, even wearing pajamas. Anyway, I am sure that we’re all reconsidering our reason for being on this planet.

But, what will change? Many of us who think that the only constant is change, we encounter this question during all these days of quarantine.


I keep listening to my music and the Nicky Romero live set is over and now Duke Dumont is playing, another famous DJ that I like to listen to. Now I think, what does this have to do with the world of fashion? Well, a lot! The world will lead us to search deeper and deeper for our own essence. This means that we will look for our original way of dressing, a better way to communicate what we think, and finally realize that not only our con- versations communicate. We will realize that our way of dressing also communicates many things: who we are, our personality, how we were educated and with which group of people we identify.

And, although we listen to different DJs, we are connected by the same need to express what we feel through movements or ideas that move in harmony and to the same beat.

Finally, I think it will change what is ready to change and who is ready to change. We will find that many people will stay at the same point they were before their quarantine, but if you reached this point in the reading, you and I are embroidering new paths to dare to change... of course, once our capsule has grown.



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